Changes GAMELAND will make in the face of power shortages

As everyone may know from the news, the rebound in global economic activity as coronavirus restrictions are lifted has exposed shortages of fuels used for power generation in China and other countries.

So what will the electricity shortage effect the board game manufacture?

  1. Industrial districts that consume a lot of electricity will be limited of electricity. This will directly cause our prodcution been slow down. More worse, it even force factroies in China’s northeast and also in Guangdong to suspend production. Most of factories will work for 4 days and close for 3 days under the electricity shortage.
  2. The source factories produce less raw materials during the same time. This caused the shortage of raw materials, meanwhile the material price increase accordingly.

Globally, the outages could affect supply chains, especially towards the end-of-the-year shopping season.

But we’re writing this email is not want to cause the panic to you. We just want to give you an alert on current situation.

The good news is that GAMELAND has got some preparation so far for the current market conditions. The actual situation is not as bad as the news.

  1. The great news is that almost of our factories are in Zhejiang, where hasn’t had much of an impact as Guangdong yet. But we predict we will receive the inform in the next months. So if you are going to place the bulk order before the end of this year, we would suggest to start the production as soon as possible.
  2. The raw material price of wood, plastic and paper has increased since the outages. Luckily, we prepared enough raw materials for the current orders. And if you could place the order and confirm the component dimensions earily, we could still have inventory or help to book the raw materials in a low price so far.

For small wooden pieces, we will try to absorbe the increased part if you place the order within this month.

For big wooden pieces, the increased part is not small, but we’re still happy to bear some together. Your project manager will contact later about this.

For paper products, the impact so far is not big. We will still try help to keep our quot availd for 1 month.

For plastic pieces, it is the component with the biggest price increase. But we do prepare some raw materials in our factory, which will be able to lower the price increase.

For our future quote, we will marked the vaild date for different component. Hope you can uderstand.

If you are ready for the next step, please send the final component list to your project manager, he/she will help to confirm the final quote and provide the timeline.


GAMELAND has been in this industry for over 10 years, we have never encountered such an extreme set of market conditions. But we are still keep our MOQ as same, 500 copies. Every customer is important for us.

The same situation does not only happen in China, India is on the brink of an unprecedented energy crisis. Indonesian output has been hit by heavy rains and nearby Mongolia is facing a shortage of road haulage capacity.

GAMELAND trust that we will all find a way to grow and succeed, even if that path may seem difficult and painful at times!

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