Founded at Ningbo in 2006, Ningbo Yinzhou Gameland Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a Chinese board game publisher and manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in board game manufacturing.  

Composed of a group of people who love board games, the Gameland team devotes great efforts to helping creators bring high experience and cost-effective products to players. Our R&D team and localization team are dedicated to promoting the awareness and popularity of board games in the Chinese market. 

Gameland has also published a localization version of some well-known board games including Too Many Bones and Cartographers, and get them on the table for Chinese users. Spreading more and better board games is our lifelong pursuit!

We extended our product lines to meet the requests of different customers. With a stable supply chain and our talented,highly-efficient team, Gameland strives to create a safe one-stop-shop for board game publishers and designers to manufacture their board games. To help creators out of the dark, Gameland aims to provide all the necessary services for you, from design adjusting and prototype production to certification, shipping, fulfillment, IP protection, KS assistance, and more.  

To involve our customers in the manufacturing and perform a more cost-efficient operation, we communicate with them in a timely manner, provide all information our clients need and give them tips on increasing quality. We will be fully invested in your product and help it to go smoothly to each player.

Yaofish is our local brand for children’s board games. You can find its products in our game catalog. We are the first Chinese publisher to design and produce fun&educational board games for children and families. Some of Yaofish games contain design and content relating to ancient Chinese culture, such as My First Trip and Silk Road, the combination of which and game mechanics make them the best-selling children’s games in China. 

At Gameland, we make sure your products are made in the best way possible. We are always here to help. 

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