Polish&German Sales Reps- Job Post


Project-based commission+business travel allowance(for trade shows and customer visits)


Full Job Description

Sales Representative – Gameland


About Gameland

Gameland is a Chinese board game publisher and manufacturer with 16 years of experience in board game manufacturing. We are the first Chinese publisher to design and produce fun&educational board games for children and families. Composed of a group of people who are passionate about board games, the Gameland team devotes great efforts to helping creators bring high experience and cost-effective products to players. Our R&D team and localization team are dedicated to promoting the awareness and popularity of board games in the Chinese market. With a stable supply chain and our talented,highly-efficient team, Gameland strives to create a safe one-stop-shop for board game publishers and designers to manufacture their board games. To involve our customers in the manufacturing and perform a more cost-efficient operation, we communicate with them in a timely manner, provide all information our clients need and give them tips on increasing quality. During the past 16 years, we rely mainly on word of mouth through our extensive global network. But, as our client list continues to grow, so does our demand for exceptional European sales talent. So we are now seeking a sales representative based in Europe to join us. Interested in driving revenue growth in the board game industry with our talented, determined team members? Come make an impact with us!


What you’ll do:

  • Help our European customers understand and get access to our manufacturing service to meet what they need in the easiest way possible.
  • Identify and build relationships with local prospects. Build a network of local trusted customers and keep them updated as the process of manufacturing evolves.
  • Occasional travel to major trade shows to meet our clients in person.
  • Communicate and strategize with the Gameland team and provide constructive feedback on local performance.
  • Coordinate with Gameland domestic team to follow up local development projects in Europe.
  • Assist Gameland‘s localization department and recommend different types of games to the localization department for further evaluation.
  • Identify distributors for our own branded games. (commission on sales)


Who you are:

You are currently based in Poland or Germany (Polish/German mother tongue required)

You have proficient English language skills.

You are passionate about board games.

You have 3-5 years’ worth of purchasing manager /project manager within a board game publishing company.

You have an extensive network of professional connections in the board game industry.


Feel free to contact us at info@gamelandcn.com if the position interests you. We can’t wait to receive your application!

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