Gameland introduction

Gameland is a world renowned tabletop game manufacturer, as well as a publisher, responsible for producing thousands of tabletop game titles for clients around the world.

We offers a wide range of services, from consultation, artwork checking, 3D modeling to shipping. We can assist you in any step in the production and manufacturing process.

With our own dedicated production facility in Ningbo and an extensive supplier network, we have the capability to produce some of the hottest games in the business!

Marketing Department

We have a strong western-oriented marketing team based on USA and China, making it easier to help you with your own particular project manager(PM) in any time.

We’d love to help with your entire game and provide guidance on components choosing, shipping and providing other services.

Our well trained and experienced PM could understand your game’s technical requirements and help you to select the right materials to for your expected player experience and production quality with a competitive price.

After consulting your personal PM, we will provide you with a clear quotation. This quotation will include the full specifications of your game, as well as the estimated shipping costs to your address if you required.

Purchasing department

At gameland, our dedicated purchasing team will help you find the perfect combination of quality, cost and speed of delivery.

We possessing a strong technical and sourcing ability for high quality table top board games and accessories such as dice, coins and customized wooden, metal and plastic components.

Quality Control Department

We also have a Quality Control Department who is responsible for overseeing and inspection for the products quality of whole mass production process

You could reach your PM if you want to know any progress about your project. Your PM will provide video and pictures to help you know every detail about manufacturing.

Design Department

If you’re just start with your first project, we also have a professional team to help with all artwork, from Graphic to 3D.

Before mass production, our design department will first confirm with you about the artwork and proofs draft are available for producing.

Gameland has developed a unique team which dedicated to optimizing your game components and offering guidance.

We provide assistance with building and verifying your files, samples of custom components and both Pre-production and Mass Production copies of your game, each of which serves as its own vital checkpoint during manufacturing.

Whether you’re working with a Project Manager during the quotation process, or during the production phase, you’ll find it’s so easy along the way.


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