1.  How do I get quote

You could click the quote button or click the quote on the top navigation.
Login or sign up an account.

Enter the information list for your game and click submit,

We will received the spec sheet and send you the quotation back within one week.

More detail you submit more precisely price we could provide.

2. How could I guarantee that my design will not leak when I submit my spec sheet?

Honesty is the foundation of our business. We will never do anything that harms the interests of our customers.We will never disclose any information of customers to others.

If you want a very accurate quotation, we must get your design files to calculate accurately, especially for custom wooden components, plastic components and met.

3. You write that you have your own designers. We will send you all data of the game – is there a risk that our data will be used for other purposes (keyword: protection of intellectual property) or – if the game is successful at Kickstarter – that it will be distributed and sold by Gameland without our knowledge?

Please rest assure about your protection of intellectual property. We will never distribute or sell the game withour your permission.

Besides, we can sign the contract to make things more clear.

4. When we finish the quotation can I get a prototype? Should I pay for that? What’s the different between prototypes and large-scale production?

We could make prototypes for your game, usually we will make 3 prototypes for you and we will charge a part of the prototypes fee and we will return a part of the prototype fee when you place the order.

There will be no big difference between the prototype and the copy from a real large-scale production, but the color may be a little bit different. According to the printing process, we cannot assure that the color of the copy is as same as the prototype. But we will make sure they are at least 90% similar.

5. My concern now is that colour distortions occur during the production of the prototypes. Is there any way to evaluate the production?

Shall we perhaps build a very crude prototype and send it to you. Then you could use it as a colour sample?

For new games, normally we will make the sample before and send it to our customer. After checking the colour and size is ok, we will arrange the mass production.
But according to the printing process, we cannot assure that the colour of products are all the same as that sample. But we will make sure they are at least 90% similar. If the colour is difficult to keep, we will come to the factory to make the colour as possible as the sample.

6. Why there is the bleeding for the cards?

The reason why we leave 3mm for bleeding is that we cannot sure every card will be cut exactly at the red line (die cut line) during the production. And if there is no bleed part, you will see every card’s side will have a white part (becasue of the cutting machine may slightly deviate in operation). So please keep the artwork in bleed area be consistent with the designs inside the die-cut line.

7. On the game board file, is it best to send the exact dimensions, or should the file be scaled up to get the best resolution?

For all the designs, please base on the exact dimensions.

8.Does it make sense to produce the playing cards with rounded corners (keyword: durability). Will the costs increase then?

It’s definitely better to produce the cards with rounded corners, which will prevent your hands from scratching. And the costs between round corner and right angle are the same.

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