Our Factory

Over the years, Gameland has been investing heavily in advanced manufacturing technology and equipment for building quality board game products. We offer professional on-demand solutions without compromising quality or assembly fidelity.  Our entire team strives hard for ensuring compliance with safety, environmental and social standards. Having more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in the board game industry, we have already built a long-term relationship with games accessories suppliers, which is a vital contributor to supply chain performance.

From receiving, during the production of the individual parts until shipping, our dedicated team does its very best to ensure that we can deliver the optimum product.  We have a fully-equipped assembly facility, enabling us to fulfill highly complex projects. Gameland also has a dedicated QC team for quality assurance, supplier quality management, as well as for product and process quality management.

Gameland has a company culture that puts an emphasis on worker health and wellness. We follow the HSE(Health and Safety Executive, the Chinese equivalent of OSHA) requirements for occupational health and safety.

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